1. Why should I sleep on a satin pillowcase?
Two very important elements are needed for healthy hair - air and moisture. By sleepng  on our satin pillowcase your scalp will breathe and allow hair to retain moisture. Frictional damage while sleeping will be minimized.

2. What makes your satin pillowcase different from other products?
Most satin pillowcases and pillow covers are made from acetate satin a heavier but less durable fabric. We use 100% polyester satin, which is superior in quality. Our satin pillowcase is made to withstand daily usage and frequent washing.

3. Does it make a difference what my hair texture is?
a SimpleCASE satin hair care pillowcase is beneficial to all hair textures and skin types.

4. Do you have satin pillowcases in different colors?
No our premier satin pillowcase only comes in white with our signature pastel trim bands in three different colors.  Some hair and skin types are sensitive to fabric dyes.

5. Where are you located?
Our company is physically  located in New York City. Our company name is The BaSIX and Beyond. Our mailing addess is 12315 Nellis Street, Springfield Gardens, New York  11413-1440. We can be reached at 718-341-3915 or  our email  is

6. What are the dimensuions of your pillowcases?
20' x 30" to fit standard to queensize pillows
20" x 36" to fit king size pillows

7. When will I receive my order?
Depending on your method of payment orders are shipped 48 hours to two weeks.

8. What methods of payment are accepted?
You can use your Visa, Mastercard, Discovercard and American Express and eChecks through  Pay Pal when you order online. We also accpet personal and business checks. All orders are shipped once check has been cleared.

9. Is it safe to order online?
Our site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption throughout the order process ensuring a safe and secure checkout.
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