Welcome and thank you for visiting this website. The BaSIX and Beyond is a manufacturing company of luxury personal care items. a SimpleCASE satin hair care pillowcase was born out of adversity and necessity. In the winter of 2001 -  I glanced at my reflection in the mirror.  My scalp was very visible at the temples on both sides of my head. I was determined at that moment not to loose another strand of hair without putting up a good fight.

In addition to consulting with a hair care specialist I began to educate myself on how I could take the best possible care of my hair between salon visits.

I became aware of the potential benefits of sleeping on a quality satin pillowcase. After taking surveys and speaking with women I was informed that this type of product (quality) was not easy to come by. One woman told me that in her frustration she purchased a yard of satin fabric and pinned it to her pillow at night.

To answer my need and the need of other women I developed a SimpleCASE satin hair care pillowcase which successfully debuted in June of 2003 at a  consumer expo in New York. To date our product remains popular amongst women who are interested in maintaining healthy hair, scalp and skin,

Thank you for your support and allowing us to give you good customer service.